Steve Gordon Jr

[ designer / creative counsel / thought merchant / storyteller ]

My name is Steve Gordon Jr, and I am RDQLUS.

(pronounced "ridiculous")

I am a thought merchant, a designer, creative counsel, a problem-solver and a storyteller. 

Steve Gordon Jr is the author of '100 Habits for Successful Freelance Designers' and '365 Habits of Successful Designers' (Rockport Publishers), and the work of RDQLUS CREATIVE has been featured in design industry publications and annuals such as the collections and Logo Lounge "Master Library" series, and RDQLUS' ahead-of-the-curve approach has been highlighted as a future trend by "Graphic Design USA."

Also a keynote speaker, Steve has been featured at national conferencessuch as the HOW Design Live conference, the Creative Freelancer Conference and local “Meet the Pros” & BarCamp events.

Video shot, directed & edited by Bill Sitzmann, Sitzmann Photography