creative direction / concept sketches / design  (in collaboration with Alex Rosh and Ashoori & Co. Jewelers)

In the late-90s and early 2000s, I was a world-class track & field athlete. My specialty event being the triple jump, in which I earned a world ranking, national ranking and back-to-back NCAA national championships at the University of South Dakota. At the time the program was very small and funds for traditions such as national championship rings were not plentiful. I didn't begrudge them any, but I had always vowed to someday design my own right to commemorate my accomplishments.

Finally—17 years after the fact—I set about designing a ring for my mantle. My sketches reflected a desire to have a ring that looked as if would have in the late '90s, yet had the size of a more modern championship ring. By way of social media, I had come into contact with a young professional jeweler by the name of Alex Rosh (@alexdiamonds/Instagram). With mutual respect for each other's work, we spoke of perhaps working on a project together which prompted me to ask, "can you produce a custom ring?" To which he answered quickly and absolutely, "yes!"

From concept to completion, this was one of the most ambitious and rewarding projects I've ever taken on. A friend & mentor of mine once said that we categorize ourselves as "graphic," "clothing," "product" designers, etc—reducing our own capacity to design anything outside of those bounds. If you can design one thing, you can design everything.