The Rededication of RDQLUS...

So after many posts of frivolous banter and witty commentary on life and times, I wanted to tie this little corner of the interwebs a bit closer into my own thoughts, researching and revelations about life and the specifics of being a Creative. I wanted to share my own takes on things that we all deal with ust to offer a different take and soap-box a little bit.

I came to be a Creative by shear birth and natural leanings toward artistic and creative actions but I came to the art and design world a much different way than most. I'm a Fine Art-trained traditional 4 (or 5, ha ha) year student with a degree and minors to speak of. But the truth of the matter is that I'm a street kid at my core. An urban junglist with the savvy of "hood" smarts and the training of a college education. So as you can imagine the view from my seats is a different angle.

So stay tuned... excuse the mess while I get this thing renovated.

Thanks for all of the support and puffy clouds of love for RDQ.

--Stevie G. aka RDQLUS