Knee-Deep in the Sh*t?! Was "Joe The Plummer" frontin'?

Okay, I stay of the politics around this way because that's your own business. Just make sure you take your arses out and lay down a vote. That being said… here… we… GO:

Seems as if "Joe the Plummer", who brazenly shot himself to the forefront by fronting on Sen. Obama, and who was so lovingly embraced last night in the final presidential debate seems to have been frontin' on more than just Obama. Note to all, have your sh*t together before you start feeling froggy & go jumping into the pond!

Read the complete story linked to the New York Times, below.

Awww Sh*t, Joe! Right in the Pooh Now…

(credits: story - New York Times, & thanks to Jeff Fisher for calling it to my RDQLUS attention)