RDQLUS Style: Rock'em Like it's '88!

I don't really have many vices or obsessions so I consider myself fairly well-balanced although a bit out-there at times. But for those who know me, they know of my sneaker collection. if the ladies can spend insane amounts on one single pair of Choo(s) or Monolo(s), then leave me to my high-end collectables.

The newest additions are a classic pack of rare finds brought together for a killer combo. Behold, the Jordan III/XX combo pack.

There are nice… And I mean NICE! The III(s) alone are quite exquisite from my Jr high days before I was able to actually rock a pair. So between those & my mohawk, to quote the 'Cool Kids', "do the wop, do the smurf, baseball bat/rooftop like I'm bringin' '88 back!"

More sneaker shenanigans: The RDQLUS Collection (… and yes I rock them like dress shoes with suits, ties, slack and all. ha ha)

On the realness though, having something you love and are passionate about makes life all the better. Find something and dig into it; music, sneakers, style, gourmet coffees, duct tape wallets… who cares. You'd be surprised how the most trivial and silliest of things can lift the spirits or help you calm the mind from the fear-fest that is piped into the information stores of our everyday lives.

Ya' boy,
Steve G. aka RDQLUS