RDQLUS Writing Featured @ AIGA National

A few months back I was contacted by my friend—renowned designer Petrula Vrontikis of the LA-based Vrontikis Design Office—to contribute to a new section in the 'Inspiration' area of AIGA's national site. It was my honor to contribute and share virtual ink space with so many respected and smart people. Well my essay has gone live and I'm excited to share it with you.

Don't Waste Time

Published under 'Mentoring Essays' the collection of writings, stories, advice and musings is named 'Reflections, Rewards, Regrets', featuring (12) essays from creatives from all over the country, telling thoughtful and helpful stories based on experiences in the creative & communucation arts career paths.

Have a read, as they are all very good essays comprising a fantastic article. Kudos and props to Petrula V. who curated & edited such a great project. (thanks, dearest!)

Steve G.