They Will Swing On You!

Patting myself squarely on the back, I have a very keen ear for good sounds. Born and raised on the good, underground-style hip hop from the originals, shaped and molded as a rave and concert Jungle/Drum-n-Bass DJ with an affinity for Björk and Enya, my eclectic musical tastes and aural facinations are well documented. They have lead me to a relatively new group and they have quickly cemented themselves in my musical heart. Swing the way of PENDULUM. They are new to the states with their sophomore release 'In Silico', but they are established musicians from Oz.

This sonic barrage is like stepping into your own sci-fi movie soundtrack. Cue the flying cars and sweet tailored leather jackets. Bladerunner should be rescored to THIS! With an unapologetic, hard-driving sound they come at you in a full frontal assault that seems reckless until you find that they are getting through your defenses. They have a well-rooted sound that is 75% Drum-n-Bass with 25% ol'fashioned rock. Imagine that the Prodigy was haning out in the studio with your favorite hair-band while the Chemical Bros. tinkering on some beats, Trent Reznor whispering in everyones ears, and Kasabian and Linkin Park are chilling on the couch chiming into the convo… There you have it: PENDULUM.

Not since KASABIAN's "Leadfoot" have I fallen head-over-heels with a band's unique take on sound. Okay, at least until I cool out to Enya's Christmas CD.

Steve G aka RDQLUS