Tuesdays: Weekly Awesomeness in a Velvet Box.

My vote for most freshdope day of the week = Tuesday!

Truth is this;

Monday comes with way too much pressure. The thought of your weekend ending and hell at work the next day. Nah, keep that noise!

Wednesday has the burden of 'hump day', the weekly equivalent to a mid-life crisis… every damn week! What the hell?

Thursday is just the bastard step child of the weekend because let's face it, it ain't Friday. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Sorry Jan, I mean Thursday.

And Friday, I'm already half checked out and it's more part of my weekend than weekdays.

AHHHH BUT TUESDAY. Tuesday is like the lovable slacker of the week. No pressure to be anything but Tuesday. It's post-Monday, pre-Wednesday and too far from the weekend to matter. You just settle in and chill real hard, 'cuz Tuesday's got your back, suckas.

So I spent my tuesaday coolin' out, maxin' at a local coffee shop with the hypest name ever: The Village Grinder, right around 88th & Pacific in the O. Hope yours was as good as mine!

Steve G.