Manifesto of a RDQLUS CREATIVE

Hey world… I require that you have your own opinion. The strong often do and I welcome that, more so… respect that. But I give you this nugget of truth; My reality does not exist to serve your opinion. I can BE whatever I need to, but I AM what I am. I am not your "suit". I am not your executive. I am not a mazed rat in cubical chasing cheese. I am not your drone clone. I AM RDQLUS… far closer to a BMX'ing style-hound in custom sneakers that cost more than your Italian wingtips, carving my longboard to a meeting about your million-dollar initiative. Aw, sorry… you were expecting something different? Your mistake. Not mine. I'm focused. I'm pointed. I'm deliberate. Genuine, to a fault. Candid, but calculated. Yeah, you should indeed keep reading.

I am an unapologetic self-promoter. Self-assured and well versed in self-worth. But you should want this. Crave this. Desire this. I don't wait for your definition because you might not tell me, and if/when you do I might not like it. Not being harsh, that's just truth. So I don't look like the pack. I do not wear suits. I have tattoos and earrings. I boast a sneaker collection that would surely shame your best pair of executive loafers. But you know what—none of this matters because I have what you really want; My brain. My thoughts turned into gold, spun from the straws of our initial meetings. My choices are measured, tested and found true, and all yours for a proper fee. My experience is more vast than you could ever truly fathom because I exist on a time line and its tangents, not one simple plane.

I am not so many years into my profession, and decades into my life, without knowing a thing or two. If there is one thing I have learned all these years, it is knowing your audience and marketing consistently, organically, honestly and relentlessly is the proverbial "stuff". I most certainly know my audience and it has nothing to do with me sporting an executive look, or begging for particular approval. I never have, and I NEVER will. I know my audience and you may not be included, and that's okay. I know what you might be looking for, but did you ever care to think that the real balance may lie in what I might be looking for? This interview goes both ways. If my nameplate necklace is not high-end enough for you, then trust me, my occasional mohawk is an immediate no go, too.

Listen, I am NOT a mold-fitting cog. I don't have meetings about meetings regarding when we should meet. I am a "creative". I live where you imagine. Not one of my clients has ever come to me for looking "executive". Not one of my clients has ever left me for a supposed lack of high-end aesthetic. All have been serviced at the table of my need to bring all that I am to bear for them. If this poses a problem for you, the "chicken exit" is right here, right now. I will hustle hard and rock higher until the day my mind fails me. And at that point, I'll just settle for rocking higher, because even on half a brain, I do work! And I will not let you down if you're on board with me.

But hey, as I said… all opinions are welcome. But you have to clean up after 'it' and take it with you when you leave. I can't let you keep it here.

This is who I am.
This is what I do.