HOWaustin 09 Custom Tee from RDQLUS CREATIVE

So yesterday, by way of Twitter (@rdqlus_creative), I hinted at a limited edition, custom design for the HOW Design Conference '09 to be held in Austin, TX this summer. Well a sneak-peek of the new design has surfaced!

The overall design is a fun take on the name 'Austin' and features a random-typeset spelling of the word 'ostentatious', meaning: "designed to impress or attract notice". Well, uh… YEAH! The "HOW AUS10TAYSHUS!" design will come in (3) varieties, each featuring one of the RDQLUS identity colors.

The scrolls, stars, and cobbled-together typefaces all have a fun Southwestern feel that is decidedly Texas, while staying contemporary and avoiding and old, campy or played out look. The idea is to give mad props to Austin for all of it's creative vibe and cultivation of contemporary arts and creative cultures!

For more info on the HOW Design Conference, click thru here. Stay tuned to find out when and where this RDQLUS limited edition design will surface! Also check out 'Friends of RDQLUS' 36Point to see their plans for HOWaustin!