What a Release! The book has dropped

May marked the release of my first book and I am way too humbled and excited for words! '100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers', published by renowned creative industry publisher–Rockport, focuses on some very candid basics of going solo in the field of creative arts. Creative independent experts lend their insights and habits, from financial suggestions to how to get over the doldrums of creative block, as well as their fine artwork as indie designers.

I was tasked with writing all of the chapter intros, curating the artwork and habits of the experts, adding my own "habits" to the mix, as well as the honor of doing the cover design. I also developed a full set of line-drawings that accompany the titles and habits throughout the book.

This was an almost two-year process that tested and bested me at times, but ultimately taught me a lot about myself, my love of writing and the publishing industry on the whole. I truly cant wait to do it again, but not until this one settles in (which it may never!). as

100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers can be found at this link, as well as through local booksellers, nationwide.