It's a Celebration!

The night has finally been picked and the event is planned! It's going to be a low-key chill & spill for the official release of my first book! Yeah a little late but a brotha's been workin' y'all! I'm am very humbled, excited and very thankful to all who have helped or been involved in even the smallest way with so many of the good things that have gone down lately.

If you can join, come on thru and say hey! I'll have a few books on hand if you want to grab one, but it's not about that. I just want to celebrate and party with you… come on now… CeeeelllllabrAAAAAYshun!
(Cool & the Gang is NEVER wrong!)

Special thanks to Tanya Patry & Brenda Lyman for their lasting support and efforts making the good times happen.

(photo courtesy of Donovan Beery… who bought the most books of any one person!)