RDQLUS Heads Out to SEA… again!

This has been an amazing summer of opportunities to make things happen. Times are lame, we all know this, but the ability to move on even the slightes crack in an opened doorway can lead to many god things. So with my trusty CHROME bag packed and backed, last week, I headed off for the cool patch-worked city of Seattle, WA.

(my CHROME bag is tougher than ya' momz!)

I recently found myself and the banner of 'RDQLUS CREATIVE' called out to the Seattle-area (yet again), this time to do a fun bit of work with friend and collegue Jen Whelan, Sr. Manager of Advertising at T-MOBILE. The fruits of this collaboration can't be told of currently but I am quite proud of the work and fully stoked at the opportunity to once again 'show & prove'. All i can say is get your heads ready… T-Mobile is cranking on goodness and getting to see it first-hand was pretty damn cool.

(Say "hi" to Jen W.! She rocks way big!)

While in the Pac Northwest, I was able to meet up with friend & client, Jeni Herberger as well. A delightful mix of work and play was had, so the line blurred quite often as one moment we'd find ourselves discussing identity, messaging and brand assets and the next, I'm sitting dock-side with the family and the dogs! (Love me some Bruce and Opus)

(Jeni Herberger… intelligent, fun and the only thing sweeter is the Maple syrup!)

"When in Rome…" applies wherever I roam, so of course there was much eats, sneakers and "Pikes" to be had.

As much as I do love my own town (the "ONE"), Seattle is an amazingly chill place. The set-up is that of a hub city with suburbs as "spokes". There's a different vibe from 'burb to 'burb and I thank Jen w., Jeni and the cast of others that helped me get around to these fantastic areas. 'SEA', I see you! OMA sends love and trust, I'll be back soon!