"If Travel is Searching and Home What's Been Found…"

Welcome to RDQLUS' "COLDFOOLISH"–the new weekly drop-shop of just a handful of fly goodnesses that I've come across this week. There's no rhyme, reason, slant or even purpose, except to lace you with a sip of tasty deelish while you zone on a Friday, faking like you're working. Get your [cmnd+tab/ctrl+tab] actions ready for when your boss comes lurking.

Click pics to get up… get out… and get som'thin!

Pullin' Jack(et) Moves… Garbstore @ hypebeast.com

Fix the Rip… PK Ripper "Fixie" @ highsnobiety.com

To tha' Moon Alice… Kid Cudi - Man On the Moon @ iTMS

Shadow Boxin'… food & style @ LuxiRare.com

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