New Year Communictation Friday brings much RDQLUS'ness

What's good my babies!? Welcome to the first official Communication Friday of 20-10 and did it ever land with a very hopeful thud of a gift with much goodness inside.

First up, is a good conversation I had with my good pal Mig Reyes for the amazingly useful, fun, informative site Humble Pied. Mig uses chat communication in an innovative yet simple way to gather tips, words of wisdom and fun convo from the many people he's had the chance to connect with. He's a link, a connector and fine communicator… and a trait we share—a true hustler in that hard-working sense of staying on the move.

Next, I braved the icy conditions to reach the bunker of my cohorts over at 36point to record a "Review of the Aughts" for the Reflex Blue Show where we discuss the seemingly short 10 years that have transpired since the real crash of the dot.coms and the faux-Armageddon of the Y2K.

A RDQLUS start to the year, and I'm hopeful that this kindo f kick-off is a good omen of things to come.

Stevie G