It's A Fly Love Song…

RDQLUS Creative hit Cali with a cool Midwestern breeze and came home with some warm-fuzzy.

"My life, my life, my life, my life… in the Sunshine!" (look up the lyrics, foolios.)

(Written as I rock to the 'People Under the Stairs' song of the same title…)
There are those times when things line up so right that it's hard to say no. Such is the case as I turned the RDQLUS beacon west, shining that light toward the heavenly-named city with the delightfully sinful reputation. I have several identity clients in Greater L.A., one of my most cherished clients (and best friend) happened to be scheduled to host an event there, many creative industry colleagues call it home, and with a few friends and fam in the place, it became more of a "why am I not planning this" over a "do I think I can make it?"

Airport pimpin'… stay fly when you fly.

Up at an insane hour to hitch a jet and I'm coastal coasting with a brief layover in [DEN] before most of my folks in [OMA] are even up to say goodbye to. Later for the couture stylings of rap-song worthy travel totes… the Wal-Mart gorilla-sized duffel that has kept my gear rippin' is on duty again, and my sidearm (read: MacBook Pro) is snugged up in my Mission Workshop messenger with two sketchbooks, business cards for business'in', stickers for enhancatory defacing of surfaces, and issues of 'Complex' and 'Nylon for Guys.' (What? I gotta keep my "fresh" on fresh, and my creative eye on the fashion world's "tip of the spear" trend status)

Surreal to buy my own book at the 'Borders' on Sunset Blvd for an event give-away later that eve. So L.A.!

On the ground, it's hustle-as-usual as I'm on the phone, making plans, texting, tweeting, Facebook'ing and setting up my West Coast week. What I love about being a mobile, independent creative professional is the ability to pick up and roam far reaches, all without losing to ability to work for clients at any range and at constant levels of communication. With some plans solidified, some still in flux, and much play sprinkled between the lines of my iCal, I'm set to do damage in the "EL dot AY dot!"

Hmmm… how'd that get up there?

The trip turned out to be an amazing and much needed break from the norm in one sense, and confirmation of the same norm in another sense. I could run down the list of events, places, cohorts and happenings, but as my friend Jeni would say, that's "talk story" for when you meet me face-to-face. It would take ten more posts to tell you all the stories and meanings held within, but the message would remain constant throughout; quoting 'Outkast', "get up, get out and get something… don't let the days of your life pass by." How true. In the design/creative/marketing industry there is this clichéd, supposed norm of bragging on long hours spent on work that is assumed to be crucial to the very fabric of life itself and we—the gleefully—downtrodden must be at happy odds with the career path we've chosen as we are tethered to our beautiful, metallic, hi-def anvils. What-the-fuck-ever! Get up. Go someplace. Live a life. Get into some shit. Tell some stories. Be happy and share said happiness! It's far more necessary than the 10th revision of that 7th logo iteration for that boss—or client—whom you claim to hate, but give the best years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes of your life. That's on us, my friends, if we chose it. But me… I'm gon' go 'head and rock it like I love it.

All of that to say, thank you, L.A.; you did nothing special, outside of being there. But you gave me a place to go, a new scene to become awash in for a few days, and a new set of memories attached to a place that I already have love for… and you do know I love you! So let's go!

Hitting the road and paying dues, on the daily!

Ya' boy Steve G. of the "Hvy Crwn"