RDQLUS Palette Jackin'; 10/12

Color Palette of the Month:
"Cold Foolish"

Pantone® recently dropped word that "Honeysuckle" is the color of the year for 2011. I was kind of like, "Hmmmm… I don't know…" This prompted some discussion with one of the more stylish "RDQLites"—'Princess Lasertron' herself; the stylish Megan Hunt. I'm all about good color blocking; in design, style, fashion and all. But as a designer, and a "guy's guy" who just so happens to be into all of that, I was a little stumped as to how I'd get down with some damn "Honeysuckle." So I figured. let's work it out and do a Monthly color palette. And occassionally, I'd play some "color tennis" with a creative colleague and present something that I'm feeling can be used, no matter what the medium.

So for this month's 'Palette Jackin'—already knowing I'd feature "Honeysuckle"—Megan chimed in with a perfect accent color; Navy Blue. But damn, that pinkish-magenta is hot in the spectrum and for a gent to utilize it, it would need to be reigned in a bit. But not too much because this is a perfect look for standing out against the cold gray of winter. Ah yes; the cold gray! Instead of hating it for its gloomy connotations let's use winter's tones against itself. I figured we needed something to cool it out, so I hit it with two shades of gray; a lighter one as an accent to the pink hue, and a darker tone to provide a bit of keytone baseline. That allows the navy blue to do its thing as a strong accent color and not have to hold the whole palette down as the main "dark."

I give you; "Cold Foolish."