RDQLUS Kicks of the Week; 101217

1. Air Jordan 2010 "Welcome Home" [RDQLUS remix]
2. Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor [RDQLUS remix]

I truly believe that style and fashion are more than important to the design industry—they are the leading edge. I really dig fashion, clothing, style and accessories… but everyone knows where my stylistic heart lies; my fly footwears. So a new RDQLUS feature is the 'Kicks of the Week', where I'll feature a pair of kicks and the story behind them why they are special to me. The inagural installment will kick off with two pair, because I've remixed their original looks doing a RDQLUS customization.

Air Jordan 2010 "Welcome Home" [RDQLUS Remix]

The 'Air Jordan 2010' was not a big hit with me when it first dropped. As a designer with a very critical eye and pension for fashion, style & design cues, and colorways hampered my appreciation for these kicks—not to mention the somewhat outlandish price-tag. But after a trip to the Nike Factory Outlet Store at Castle Rock (just south of Denver CO… what up DEN!), I found that had perhaps been wrong about this shoe. Loving what I discovered, I set out to find the more outlandish styles variations of this shoe, and at the low cost of investement, because of the sale prices, I felt brave about making a few customizations to the shoes, making them uniquely my own and—dare I say—improving on the original looks.

The "Welcome Home" edition of the Air Jordan 2010 sports a bright red toe-cap and originally had a black strip running the length of the midsole. I stripped the color and carefully replaced it with a platinum accent, making it the AJ2010 "Welcome Home" [RDQLUS Remix] edition.

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor [RDQLUS Remix]

The 'Outdoor' version of the 2010 is a much more industrial look, built for the rougher play of the streetball courts. This lends itself very nicely to more urban style & fashion. But, again, it had a black strip on the lateral-side midsole which "shortens" the visual canvas of the shoe making it look a bit flat. On this pair, I stripped the color, leaving original color in the very cool random scribble pattern that was pressed into the foam. The result; the AJ 2010  Outdoor [RDQLUS Remix].