Speed Wobble + 25mph + iPhone = Still Stoked!

I've gotten a few requests to repost the night that I owned Pacific Street here in "The ONE"… and then it owned me! But first, a little back story;

In the spring and summer, I routinely do night skates where—because of the time of night—traffic is slow to no, and I can carve way big on my Sector9 longboard. Well, on this particular night I had just finished an amazing run of the entire half-mile hill. I was full-on stoked and got the urge to record my next run… yyyyeah, here's the thing; When you're focused down on a 3" screen, you're not focused on the wide view in front of you and carving the road the right way. As I tried to restart my bigger sweeping carves, I realized I was already going to fast to correct. Any boarder or BMX'er knows what comes next… SPEED WOBBLES!

But, here's the thing, like any boarder or biker knows, after something like this you get "stoke" and even while you're hurting and bloodied, you're on a high. I scooped up my deck, walked home with the biggest smile on my face, cleaned up my wounds, and got right to posting this vid.

Ah, Spring… where have you gone and when are you coming back?!

Steve G.