RDQLUS Went to Tether and Had a Ball!

The coolest things happen when you set yourself up to be ready for the jump-off!

I got an email from my client/mentor/friend Jeni H. that after out meeting she needed to run chat with a colleague and would I mind tagging along? Sure no problem, but who are we going to see?

Imagine my surprise when I walk up to the door of Tether, the studio/store/think-tank/curiosity shop that is the HQ for the former Starbucks and Nike guru, Stanley Hainsworth.

Graciously greeted and spirited around this creative playland, we oooh'd and ahhh'd at all the cool things, projects and even people, and Stanley was so excited to do so we actually had to offer to get out of his now iconic hair, so to speak.

Located in the heart of the historic Pioneer Square District of Seattle, the shop is open to walk-in traffic of all kinds from shopping to clients needing the heights of creative work.

My sincere thanks to Stanley for his time, and to Jeni for the connection. I'm hoping to get Tether'ed very soon in the future.