A Friend Gets a RDQLUS Twitter Handle and Icon to Match

Sometimes I use pro-bono work as good skills practice to stay sharp in my trade. Not just the artistic nuts and bolts but the thought process the yields the end results that I so firmly stand behind. In this instance, a good friend of mine, Lori A., and I were having a hilarious conversation about her new Twitter handle "Goddess Robot" (which I invented) when she turns to me and says I need a logo for that! I played her to the left, thinking "yeah right, okay surely you jest." But jest she did not. Months later I get a text asking where the hell her logo was?! Oops, never promise anything around a glass of wine.

So just in a bit of fun, I wanted to make her a Deco-styled, leaded stainglass icon that could possible represent what our funny convo was about but also let a bit of Lori's amazing, iconic 1930's personal look & style show thru. Throw in a dash of my love for the Transformers to get the robotic influence and viola!