Grounds for Acting RDQLUS!

It started as an idea over the Christmas holiday, as I needed a fun trinket gift to give to my "RDQLites". Not wanting to give the trite and played out staples of the season, I came up with the idea to share my java passion with the folks in my cipher, but you know me… I did it the RDQLUS way!

I ran to my local java haunt and compiled a mixture of my fave whole bean coffees and took them home to grinde them freshly myself. I then found perfectly sized zip baggies to package up the product (sounds a bit criminal huh? Nino Brown of the grounds!). Using my newly minted RDQLUS "hazard" stamp, I branded the baggies and got set to share them with my extended crew. But there was something missing. It's not from me if I haven't laced it properly with a dose of the smart-assed'ness my associates have come to love!

So each baggie was given a fun product name and love note from me, to give it a "wink-wink" dose of jokey jokes from ya' boy… such as, "Beer Goggles… Making Mornings Look Better" or "Dime Bag aka Make a Pot… First Hit is On Me".

From time to time, I'll bag up some of my fresh grounds or make a RDQLUS blend and fire it off to a friend. Keep your water hot, you might be on my drop list!