RDQLUS On-Demand Stationery Package, Step-by-Step

In prep'ing for the this week's upcoming 2010 HOW Design Week in Denver, CO, I had to do a batch of my on-demand stationery pack, complete with new stickers. I get a lot of people who ask me about it and the process that I go thru to make my cards and envelopes—and why I do it this way—so I thought I'd post a little bit about it. And as to the question of why; it's very cost effective (at least for me), it allows me to change things with very little waste, and flat-out… I like to make things and this is a throwback to my architecture/design school days of spray-mount & cut. So here we go!

Saddle up to my trusty, simple & powerful Kodak desktop printer, which handles cardstock & envelopes alike with much ease.

My fave paper for my cards is Neenah Classic Crest® Solar White 80# smooth cover. This batch graciously supplied by Neenah.Duplex the printed face sheet to another blank sheet of Classic Crest using inexpensive (but great) Elmer's adhesive. $4, last almost the whole year and much better than pricey alternatives, in my opinion.

Steel ruler & cutting board ready! X-Acto knives are all good, but I prefer the sure strength of a box knife in my big hands.

With the cards cut, I stamp them with my logo stamp from JP Cooke Marking Products (Omaha, NE)… No need for bleed and natural variations occur, making each card different.Lastly, I revisit my Kodak printer which makes short work of the over-the-counter #10 recycled paper envelopes to complete the package.