You Feeling Me is All Too Key

Living is the Source of the Stories We Tell


Recently, I've had a few people ask why I share so much about my life thru social-media channels or why my blog is the first page of my website. Well, if you want to see my work, is clicking the "Featured Projects" link really that hard? I don't hide it. Sorry, sarcasm runs deep with this one. (points to self)

In answer to both very valid questions, I must set the stage a tiny bit. It's a personal motif that many have heard me say repeatedly; as a "creative" my fuel is not the clock. My energy doesn't come from some magic and well placed button up my ass that is activated by sitting forcerfully on my chair, sending the idea elevator to the top floor and *ding* let the work commence. Ummm, no. Not for me. In my case, Life is the fuel. Living life is the action set forth by said fuel. I am creative from the moment I wake, with design being merely one small outlet that shows that creativity. By the hours on the clock that so many love to chase, even working very hard, the lion's share of my day is still left for the personal living. If design is a simply a part of my life—and a small part even for the hustler that I am—what then is left but the rest of life?


That then brings me to the actual answer.

I share my many exploits for one reason; I want clients, fans and even the casual passer-by to know that when they deal with me, they are dealing with someone who is out, awash in the very cultures they are marketing too, messeging and trying to communicate with and reach. It's like I've always said, I don't trust a designer who shows no accumen or signs of care for their personal physical presentation. Well the same goes for the designer that spends all their time face down on a mouse/screen/keyboard combo producing pretty visuals and not out living life. We are communicators, visual story-tellers. What good are we without stories of our own to tell? I want people to know what I'm up to (to a point). I want my clients to be able to say "my designer wrote about that, just yesterday" or "Damn, that dude is always into something!" I love to share, not necessarily the uninteresting minutia of my Life, but more so the simple fact that I am out living one!

That's why you feeling me is all too key.

Thanks for being here, listening and making it fun to tell these stories to you all.

With lots of puffy clouds of love,