RDQLUS x Omaha Westside High School Student Group

creative direction / t-shirt design / illustration

Raising Awareness and Money to Aid the Plight of Ugandan Child Soldiers

Working as a track coach at the neighborhood high school—Westside High—my kids tend to know what I do for a living. So when a project came up that I could potentially help with, I had some rather excited young philanthropists ask me to take a meeting at the local coffee shop.

 Invisible Children tee, front

Many class projects turn into actual real-world projects to take the idea from concept to goal, teach follow-thru and do some actual good. "Invisible Children" is an ogranization that benefits African children tragically forced to fight in the conflict in Uganda. That's all pretty heady stuff for high school kids. Needing help communicating their message to their young peers in a way that wouldn't be "preachy", a graphic tee was determined to be a great way to get the message out, playing on the fashionable "cool" of a good tee as a literal walking billboard.

Invisible Children tee, back

Since this was their project, I merely played "paintbrush" in their hands as a mentor and production designer. Westside High School senior, Olivia Loh, acted as the client contact and creative director on this project, guiding me in the needs and aims of the organization and project. The design was meant to show the tension and dire need for help, so the canvas was kept stark and high contrast with the continent of Africa created by splattered brush strokes.

Great job to the kids and may their efforts be blessed. The greater good is fashionable!