HOW Amazing, Indeed

Having sped, checked, loaded, boarded, cabbed & dropped… I find myself in Denver—1 mile closer to heaven. I'm so stoked & ready for four days of a recharge, revitalization & revision.

This is how I roll at HOW. A bag full of candy & a pocket full of goodness. It's already begun in full fashion and I find myself already blown away by the energy; both that which receive and that which I try so hard to give.

The freelancer's panel that I was a part of yielded knowledge, humor, insight and jokes about my 1-hour old sneaker collection addition. Questions and answers took a back seat to the buzz I felt as I expounded what humble bits of info I had. Why that buzz? Because when i'm done and I step off stage, I'm surrounded by excited, motivated creative types asking questions, telling stories and—little do they know—giving all that energy back to me! And this is only half of day one at the Creative Freelancer Conference arm of HOW Design Week.

This morning, a bit nervous over my breakfast, I bobbed my head to a little Mark Ronson x Q-Tip and calmed my vibe so that I could face the newbie conference goers that were soon to inhabit my Networking Lunch session. I'm scared, I'm nervous, I'm stoked, I'm calmed, now I'm full… so let's go! Time to fill others. I hope that's what I've done. And this is only day one of the HOW Design Conference. HOW amazing is this going to be?