Growing Futures Takes Revealing the Past

RDQLUS works with Omaha Public Schools to brand their new program, 'Making Invisible Histories Visible'.

It was my pleasure to work with my good friend and 'Friend of RDQLUS' Emily Brush of Omaha Public Schools, and to help brand a program seeking to do some good in my old neighborhood. North O… stand up. I see you!

The MIHV program sets students on fact finding missions, not thru books and reading, but by getting the stories straight from the sources, or those close to them. Keeping journals and video archives on what they find, having sessions with speakers who cook, talk and maybe just sit a spell, these young people are finding out about their heritage from their own direct sources. People they really know rather than a paragraph written in a book from a historian.

Read more and see the work I was able to do for the MIHV brand in 'Featured Projects' after the jump.