An Im"Press"ive Gift

Antique wood-block, copper & lead typeset stamp, by Pash

My "big bro", and partner at 'It - Worldwide' in LA, Pash had been needling me about my birthday and I thought he had let the subject drop. But he had not and he is a master of the subtle detail. So a package arrives at my door with a simple not that says, "Happy Birthday, li'l bro!" and wrapped in the paper was this:

A most amazing stamp, hand-assembled by Pash, who had to have painstakingly searched to find all of the right pieces and sizes of matching wood-block type complete with a set of small early 20th-Century copper (brass) parts; pointfingers, top-hat dandy gentleman and a lead topper type piece that says "Acknowledge" for the total phrase that proudly and loudly calls out my creative work moniker.

My thanks to my big bro, Pash! In all we do, enhance the view by remembering to peep the details!