Nomadic Needs for OMA Indie Creatives; 100727

Mobile Work Oasis;
Blue Line Coffee - NoDo
14th & Cuming

wi-fi, medium table space, java, beer & cocktails

Rocking the mobile office search takes us down into the old yet newly revitalized North Downtown area—aka "NoDo." On the north end of the Saddle Creek Records complex sits Blue Line Coffee; the popular homegrown java hut that has expanded sites beyond the well-known Dundee location. With all of the same fare offered at the original locale, a sandwhich and soup menu, and the addition of adult beverages, this is a bit different than the Blue Line of old, but the feel is close enough to be familiar.

WiFi is solid here. The larger table spaces are adequate enough for two people with computers to sit comfortably while working and the chairs are moderately good for long-haul sitting. The belly-up bar would be good for a chill moment, but sitting on the wooden stools for extended time beyond a few minutes may strain the back and neck. Ambient noise is the moderately low hum of the heating/cooling system, fairly quiet music & low people-chatter, depending on the number of folks in the spot. Speaking of folks in the spot—the proximity to Creighton University, Film Streams, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Slowdown means that anytime past rush hour may find the place more packed, so keeping it to daytime office hours may work best.

The drawback of Blue Line is the same as that of the Dundee location; the power outlet to table ratio is severely lacking. While there never seems to be a complete shortage of space to sit, finding power for the marathon work session may leave you ready to call on primal instincts to battle it out for the coveted two outlets.