Nomadic Needs for Indie Creatives; 100827

Not to be brief, but you should just bag it.

When you're on the move and doing your creative pro thing, your remote tote is of the utmost importance. Unless you're my pal John Henry M. and have the most awesome 1-of-1 custom briefcase, not many are going to rock the standard issue "suit" sidearm. That's jsut not how we get down. A number of things come into play when choosing your bag. As designers, writers and art directors with a very high amount of "lifestyle" infused into the mindset with which we approach our collecting of soft goods, the list is a pretty standard 3-part'er that—admit it or not we all think of when buying a bag;

- hardware protection; does it protect the bright, shiny, lusty goods and tools of the trade while in transit?
- storage & accessibility; is there sufficent space, good partitioning of space, ease of getting to those partitions?
- meeting appeal; does it look good over your shoulder as you stroll into the building to rock the spot?

Over the last few years, two bag manufacturers—'Chrome' and 'MissionWorkshop'—have stepped up and done fantastic things with the mobile operation of toting your work swag. Not lost is the fact that these companies are born of the bike messenger pedigree—the ultimate in mobile lifestyle with a side order of cargo carrying. I've owned both and love the creative design, rugged materials and refined finishing for that "meeting appeal" I mentioned.


Chrome "Soyuz"… as sported by E. Downs of Downs DesignFor many this company produced bags set the tone for what a messenger bag or mobile urban pack should be. Ultimately waterproof, superb construction, ease of use and sexy as all hell (in that rugged sort of way), Chrome produced a couple of standard silhouettes in varying sizes to correspond with the amount of goods that needed toting. If you're lucky enough you could get your hands on a limited-edition fabric or a specialty color. And when going for that professional look, their backpacks look amazing with great lines and interesting profiles—sure conversation pieces as your stroll into a meeting or mobile-officing situation.



 MissionWorkshop "Shed"… as carried by Stevie G. of RDQLUS

This new upstart is not really new at all. They've got a heart of chrome… literally. The heart and soul of this company came directly from Chrome, as this motley crew birthed, raised and sent Chrome Bags out into the world. Now back with their second endeavor and bringing the same mindset, creative designs and quality of materials to a new line of products, MW is winning a lot of hearts (and "backs"). The silhouettes are similar to Chrome totes, but they've stepped it up a notch this time in innovative features and a slight bump in materials. In the interest of full-disclosure, my current bag is the traditional set up of the MW "Shed", and trust me—all is full of love! (thanks to Björk for the pull quote)

What do you carry?