No Time Like Now

I recently copped this "Infinity Piece" when my homie from H-Town (shouts out to Kadoma) was gracious enough to pick it up for me at an in-store event at The Tipping Point boutique, hosted by Levi Maestro—of "Maestro Knows" fame. Now, I like puzzles and finding meaning within things. Better still, I love attaching meaning that may transcend the original intent; a lesson, reminder or motivation. For various reasons, what kept coming to mind for a watch with no parts—what is essentially a bracelet—is a short, simple line from the ubiquitous Mos Def; "… no time to hesitate at the gate; Do it NOW!"

Now the silly truth is I don't need a bracelet to remind of my own take on existential philosophies, let alone one that masquerades as a watch… with no parts. So I'm man enough admit that curiosity is really the thing that killed this cat, so no validation needed. However, true to form, a few points crystallized that attached meaning;

1) If you wait… you're late. Do something right now! Why? Because "now" is becoming history—immediately!

2) In all you do in Life, do it with flair. Life gets a bit gray—it's our task to keep it vibrant & enjoyable.

3) I don't care what you do—approach with "quality." That's real-talk. Even the most profound message needs an equally worthy vehicle by which to travel.

Each time I don this piece, it will be worn—not for hype, nor fashion—but as a reminder of the above. I will say kudos to Levi Maestro for stepping out and going after something. That lesson truly is transcendent, no matter what you're about in this life.


I love you… say it back.