RDQLUS Palette Jackin'; 11/01

Color Palette of the Month:
"Concrete Propaganda'

I almost always pull and assemble palettes from surroundings or actual application of things I've used or seen. This palette happened totally by accident because of the weather. Here in the "Middy", we caught ourselves a really mild winter day. Thing is, I found myself already fully dipped (dressed quite fly) in a dark gray military-style "button-up" [shirt], indigo denims and tiny traces of red beaming from my newly-arrived classic Air Jordan IIIs. But the warm day had me rethinking the outerwear, so when grabbing for my coats I changed my mind from my black-on-black coat and went with a very cool, tailored army-surplus style jacket—complete with "Army Green" color. I can honestly tell you that I would have never thought to combine green and dark gray because I like contrast and these hues have such similar chroma that I'd think they'd be hard to discern between them for that "vibration I like to have. I was wrong! It rocks in a way that you'd have to see to believe. And the light gray? Totally unplanned, as the inside of the gray shirt was light gray and had flipped up when my mind went color-ballistic.

Go big with the army green and gray proportions. Pepper in the red, literally as only small accents are all you need because the mellowed out palette will get hot quickly, making the red ultra-important. As I stepped back the palette gave a very stout feel of old propaganda posters or some fictional army helmed by some over-stylized dictator in a 'James Bond' flick. The military accented styles only served to help my head & eye make that connection. But in the end, I'm a street-style, sneaker-crushing creative director on the move so the "concrete" gray pulled it all back to 1.

And with that, I give you; "Concrete Propaganda"