Pretty Little Paper Dulls

Do you know how many pens I've angrily ditched or replaced due to sketchy paper? No not, sketch paper—sketchy-ass, suspect "papyrus"?!

I'll need to jot a note or get an idea out of my dome, so I'll reach for a piece of paper, a sticky note, or a notebook. I ready my pen and begin to write feverishly, only to find that my pen stroke is skipping around like a 3rd grade school girl. I shake it, check the point; nothing. Damn. Maybe I'm out of ink? Okay, let's grab a refill, a few bucks later, what the hell?! A few more bucks later, now I'm just being stubborn! And then it dons on me… check the paper. I pull out both refills to find its working on another sheet or type of paper. Maaaaaan… that just makes me mad at myself.

If "print is dead" and everything is digital… you might want to check with me the next time I'm flipping the hell out about my pen skipping!

That is all.