RDQLUS Dropshots; 111014

As usual, she is set for world-domination; behold, The Almighty Wifebot. She texted me this shot early in the morning as I was en route from Cincinnati to The ONE (Omaha NE). I couldn't help but laugh because she was mean-mugging to get my mind right for what would be one of the longest days of my life. After judging the HOW International Design Awards for the week (with the staff of HOW Magazine in Cincy), I had to fly home for my first gallery showing. I designed custom tees for the event and she rocked hers to work that morning. Ah, the Wifebot; giving me some "act-right" for my own good. [read on!]


Between the client work, it's a constant that I want to keep leaking limited-edition goodness into the ether. The new RGC "Scholarship" flat-bill lids came out of production and I'm stoked to top my supporters off right. A special shout out to the homie Benny Gold for taking some time to talk over some production methods with me. They turned out mad decent.


It's a underrated joy to have such smart & talented siblings. My sister Rochelle is my seamstress for special RGC product, and she called me one evening with one simple instruction; "Drop by, I have something for you." Word?! Okay. To my surprise, she had listened to something I had made a passing comment about months ago and taken it upon herself to do some research, behind my back. Pretty sneaky sis. I had mentioned that I think stylish guys would rock bigger scarves with nice volume. So as I enter her place, she hands me a box and in it was a prototype big-loop scarf. She then sat at her workstation and made another one right there, with me watching. Amazing. Glad she's on my squad, for life!


Part of the RDQLUS 'MSSNGR' show weekend was to include me spinning an exhibition set at House of Loom (although sadly, technical difficulties kept that from happening). But that didn't stop me from getting my practice on. Have you heard of this iPad thingy? Amazing. I downloaded the 'DJay' and had my mindgrapes crushed by the future. Here I was in my hotel room—and on the plane home—piecing together a set, complete with beat-matching, a smooth fader and scratch controls. Absolutely incredible. (notice that J. Dilla on the right wheel? Choice!)


What? A bro can't get his sew-on while watching a little football? Grow it up & get modern! Psssshaw! ;-)


Stopped up by the new place-to-be, Krug Park in "BenSin" (Benson, OMA) and ran into my homie KT McBratney… but she was only to go by that name for a short while longer. She was celebrating the fast-approaching nuptials with her crew. Ever-ready for a photo op, I dropped my lid onto her head and she snapped into a pose-down without the slightest pause. Dig it.


Channeling her inner "Breakfast at Tiffany's," the Almighty Wifebot (Tonya, by the way) nabbed the new "Pharaoh" loop-scarf and made it look far better than I ever could. Yes, yes!


How people put up with my shenanigans, I am not quite sure. While in Cincy at HOW Magazine HQ, I got my hands on a pair of novelty spectacles and the twelve-year old boy in me instantly took over the show. I love my homie, Dayle Doyle (assistant creative director at Landor & Assoc.) keeping it mellow in the background like he knows that just how it's going to be for a few more days. Nice.