RGC "Hood Ornament" Screen-backs

RDQLUS "Goodies" & Cloth time! Download the MBPro / iPad / iPhone screen-backs.

MBPro desktop screen-back; (right-click, and "save link as…")

For a limited time, I'm offering the "Hood Ornament" as downloadable screens, sized for iPhones, iPads and MacBookPros. I'm sure they'll fit other similarly-sized devices, so don't let the names stop you. Screens are so bright nowadays, I thought I'd give some moody cool to your mobile joints with black screens. Who loves you?! Scroll down to read the story behind the "Hood Ornament."

RDQLites; Hustle Hard, Rock Higher and—most defininitely—Stay Gleaming. Enjoy the screens.
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iPhone screen-back; (right-click, and "save link as…")

iPad screen-back; (right-click, and "save link as…")

The Story behind the "Hood Ornament";
Growing up in my 'hood, the one universal truth was escapism; aspiring for a better life and all the trimmings that come with that. But it's often hard to see or even imaging that such a thing exists or is attainable if it did. But then, there was that car. The 'hood chariot that only certain people could roll—the grinders, hustlers, players, preachers. If you were to be seen as "living right," you needed that car—with that symbol leading the way just above the grill. So much so, that said symbol could be seen hanging around the necks of those who were nowhere near able to afford the wheeled status-symbol. Hey, I said we were aspirational, not saints. We just needed a reminder of what we were scrapping for. ;-)

The RGC "Hood Ornament" is an homage to that time and place in my life and the lives of so many found reaching for better and hustling as hard as they can to make something of themselves. It's also a visual metaphor for me, personally; I want to be that good and shining example of what someone from my 'hood can do if you keep hustling as hard as possible.