RDQLUS Dropshots; 111111

RDQLUS Goods & Cloth Fall Drop Edition

Underground music legend and the so-proclaimed "President of Hip Hop, Murs came thru Omaha as he usually does at least once a year. As a long-time fan of both him and good music, there's no chance that I'll ever miss a show of his—but this time aroudn would prove amazingly different. After the show—every show for that matter—Murs has an incredibly humble and heartfelt way of saying hello to anyone who would like to have a word with him after the show. Thanks to the power and world-shrinking ability of the internet, he and I had been tweeting back and forth a tiny bit the past year. Because he's a regular visitor to "The ONE," I really wanted to get him a momento that could purely & only be from Omaha. What better than an 'OMAGOODNESS' tee from my RGC imprint?! So waiting patiently for a chance to speak with him, I stood behind a young lady who ended up asking for his shirt. Strange request, but he graciously complies, leaving himself without a shirt. Whoa! Wait. I have a… "Hey Murs, take this one, homie." His face lights up and he says, "Yes! You've been tellingme about this one on Twitter." What?! Yes! I could try to tell you more but the rest was a blur. Thanks, Murs; OMA has love for you, dude. Rock it proudly! [read on!]


This week marked the launch of the RGC Fall line. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. To say I'm exhausted wold be an even bigger one. I am an identity & branding specialist, so my days are taken up with client work. For the past three weeks of nights & weekends (hence the tongue'n'cheek name of my crew's print shop 'Knghts & Wknds') I've test printed and knuckle-busted over screens & garments to bring the Fall drop to life. This is the first time I've done a bulk drop for RGC. My model is usually to release one or two items a month for consistent flow, but I've amassed enough designs that I wanted to finally drop a seasonal offering. It's all done out of love, drenched in my own blood, sweat & tears, funded out of spare pocket-change, and happily to offered from my heart to all those who support what I do. Thank you. There's so much more to come!


Doing my own line is rough but I have such good people helping make sure that I at least have ahalf a chance of bringing my dream to life. A major "Friend of RDQLUS" has been my boy Travis L. iver at Impact Merch. My tiny 3-man shop (co-owned with fine artist Ben Allen and Brandon Herbel of 'Make Believe') is stocked with hand-me-down screens from Impact. This week, as I scrambled to get the line pushed public, Travis invited me down once again to get a fresh stock of blank screens to handle my RGC biz… yo!


Long week… Strongbow. That is all.


When I go mobile, I love to experience and observe my surrounding environment. It's more than half the reason I even move around as I do. On this occassion, I set up my gear, grab my java libation and settle in for a few hours of work. Over my shoulder I can hear some chatter and I look to see this group of elderly women knitting and chatting. But upon a bit more listening on my part, I find that theirs is not the idol chatter and grandmother gossip. They have a leader and she is schooling them to the finer points and techniques of knitting. I love the evidence I gathered that learning and bettering yourself is something that never has to stop. I'm sure these ladies have seen three-times the life events most of us have and yet they are still taking in information and expanding their minds. If you think you've reached a plateau where what you know is good enough, I'm gonna put you in the "Super Lame" category.



Lastly, I want to give love and shouts to my homie Valerie. The details are not important but she is off to experience the world and make her mark—which my diminutive friend most definitely will. She's a giant in her heart and soul and one of the most amazing people I've ever had the priviledge of knowing. I hope she knows that she's made me better all around. Before she left on her excursion, she gave me these crazy novelty shades and said, "Handle your sh*t, Gordon… like you always do!" If for no other reason Val, for you—one of my biggest fans and supporters; not of my efforts and projects… of me! I rocked the shades all day and what's hilarious; no one said a word or thought anything odd of it. I smiled all day on that one. Thanks, Val.