A Little RDQLUS; OSD's "The Class"

RDQLUS CREATIVE designs for Obsessive Sneaker Disorder's educational course about sneaker culture.

Oh, yes—sneaker culture is a real, live thing. Just ask the crew of Obsessive Sneaker Disorder—the world's only live call-in radio show centered around sneaker culture. They are 200+ episodes deeop into the discussion where knowledge is dropped and hilarity almost always ensues. Taking it a step further, they devise an 8-week educational course—taking place in New York City's famed Madison Square Garden arena—where one can actually enroll to take a serious look at the history of the shoe game from a very intelligent and scholastic perspective. Trust me, it's serious biz. And given my history with sneakers, how fitting that I get the chance to have some fun with this subject.

When OSD approached me to do a flyer advertising "The Class," I wanted to take it a bit beyond and give it its just due. This is a product and as such, would need a consistent look across all potential forms of communication. More to come on this project, soon. Read more about "The Class" at 'OSD Live'.