RDQLUS Dropshots; 111123

Last week marked the launch of the marquee item in the RGC Fall drop; the "Scholarship" crewneck raglan fleece. I'm so stoked on this one, you have no idea. Well, if you have one, you might have a bit of an idea. The fun thing that I get to realize after the fact is that many of my designs and color choices are being tinted by my sneaker collection. This year gray is in everywhere, but in a "cool" gray hue. I, however, have been very partial to heather and charcoal grays. So you can imagine my excitement coming full circle when I dug into my stacks and found that my Jordan XIVs happen to be a great accessory to the "Scholarship" crewneck. By the way, they're super limited (of course they are) so grab one while you can! [read on!]


The "fixie" bike craze has generally been the domain of the hipster set over the last few years. Now, hipsters are often described—no matter how acurate or inacurate—as the "too cool for school" kids. Those who occupy the "trendy" until it is no longer trending. Well, stick a fork in "fixies" as the cool kids' domain. When fixed-gear bikes hit Walmart, you know it's over. Much like Mongoose and other respected brands once seen as special because of quality product and lack of easy access, once they have been dumbed-down for mass-consumption they begin to lack both of the affore mentioned qualities. So will "fixies" be cool when everyone has access to such cool? Remains to be seen.


In a real-world "LOL" moment, This box display for a "Gears of War" posterwas ill-conceived as the "G" lost it's bearings, leaving the rest of the letters to carry on. But somehow, "Ears of War" didn't carry the same fiercesome pedigree; "I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU… ON PURPOSE! VICTORY!" Nah, not working for me. LOL.


What the hell, Nerf?! Axes, swords, guns? Why so angry? What happened to the good old days of dunking on your friends like an other-worldly basketball star on a tiny rim above your bedroom door, leaving a massive gaping hole sure to draw the ire of parental types? Yeah… what happened to that, Nerf? I can't chop anything for real with this junk!


No special occasion needed; it's an everyday occurance to rock like this. Hey, the name ain't "RDQLUS" for no reason. Now, kindly tell me where I left my time-machine, please?


I love that my upbringing has made me into an impromptu cook, finding whatever is available and making more than "the most" of it—actually making something outstanding by being following a creative process. I had a few servings of meat & cheese raviol, but it needed some jazzing up before I'd call it a meal. Enter pink Hawaiian sea salt, some chile-infused macadamia oil, pine nuts, and pepper. Sautee to perfection, adding the elements at the proper time and quantity, and then savor the low-budget love as if it's gourmet.


At times I get orders so close to RDQLUS CREATIVE / RGC HQ that even mailing them inside the city seems a silly undertaking. I love being able to prep an item and hand-deliver it to an eager RGC fan. One of the ways I get to show my heartfelt appreciation of the support.


This has been a crazy few weeks! My expression is like this for the majority of each day. That is all.