Sir, You 'Look' RDQLUS!

Oh word? Word! Steve G. of RDQLUS CREATIVE & RGC is profiled in 'The Look' Magazine.

'The Look' is a production of the Omaha World-Herald, and this inagural issue dropped the week previous to Thanksgiving and "Black Friday"—the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, so it acted as a perfect buyer's guide. Imagine my shock when I get a call from an old friend saying that my style had found me worthy of a profile in the magazine. That's a weird thing to hear when you're a guy noted for rocking the finest sneakers, vowing never to wear anything but the dark-wash selvedge denims and making what is now 100% of the t-shirts in his closet by his own hands. Style? Well, sweet… let's go!

Lindsey Baker wrote a well-conceived, fun profile based on an insightful but candid and natural conversation. The photography was skillfully directed and shot by Alyssa Schukar (@OWHalyssa). Thank you to all involved. It was a pleasure and an honor to be tapped for this. Read the profile article on page 23 of 'The Look'.