Run it Back; RDQLUS + You = 'HUMP'

The inaugural monthly, hosted by RDQLUS & The NewBLK. Here's to the freakin' "week-in!"

On the last Wednesday of October, RDQLUS CREATIVE and RGC threw a low-key, chill-mode gathering at The NewBLK for no reason at all. Yeah, that's the way to do it. We celebrate so many specific things, but I believe we miss the obvious most general one; Life. No reason needed. But hey, should you need a reason, I'll provide you one; you made it over the proverbial "hump"—and thru "Hump Day"—or what I like to call the "week-in." If you celebrate the mid-week, and you acknowledge "TGIF," then you do realize that the only thing in your way is Thursday. You're welcome.  [read on!]

The day itself was chilly, but that is going to develop into the beauty of the thing. Nothing can stop it short of an act-of-God, and I think even he'd call it off to hang with us. There was a warm grill for heat & snacks, cool beverages and great company. This is going to be a monthly event to close down a month of "Hump Days" with one good gathering. Keep it on your radar—we can all use a good… ahhh, you already know what I'm going to say.