The Annexation of RDQLUS

RDQLUS CREATIVE & RGC take up residence inside the New BLK's creative enclave.

I have known the crew at the New BLK Gallery long before they were an operational collective. As work colleagues, they have always been major supporters of RDQLUS CREATIVE, having great faith in my vision and the way I operate. Well they took it a step beyond and on the night of their holiday soiree, presented me with window decals for my "temporary" office, making it a permanent fixture. For the next year, RDQLUS CREATIVE and the accessories imprint RGC will have a space in the New BLK enclave; we're calling it the "RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex."

My thanks to the crew at the "BLK" for the faith and support of what I do and lighting the way. Clients, studios & agencies—RDQLUS is an award-winning, internationally-recognized identity design & brand development outfit, and here's the thing; I want to work with you! 2012 is going to be the year to do that, so let's go!