Come a Little Closer

Another RDQLUS Goods & Cloth Sneak-Peek

Closer and closer… The date looms and my anxiety rages on. But as things come together, it feels good to be able to let those who dig the work and the brand in on the exclusives. Testing out the shop format and keeping the branding tight is just one of the many things keeping me up at night. Truth is I've never been a big sleeper anyway—might as well work on something I love right? Maybe you'll love it too, someday?

Stay posted. The "Hvy Crwn" is shared by all of you who have shown love, belief & support in the silly idea that attention to personal style is not frivolous because it is a nod to something deeper, or that a simple phrase can make people a bit more proud of their city.

You know the motto, keep it close & repeat it often; Hustle Hard… Rock Higher… Stay Gleaming!

(and thank you!)