RDQLUS Palette Jackin'; 11/02 (Special Edition)

Princess Lasertron x RDQLUS "Grown-Up Dress-Up"

For this edition of 'Palette Jackin' I've invited my friend, spectacular wedding & fashion designer Megan Hunt of 'Princess Lasertron', to mash-up on the color palette of the month. The idea was to have her play creative director for a brief moment, and from that input I would create a color palette with hints at a persona and identity. Pardon the pun, but she indeed came through in flying colors.

Starting with a fantastic mixed media collage of colored paper, sequins, lace, glitter and cloth—inspired by a little girl playing "dress-up"—a back-story began to unfold. This collection has a happy eccentricity to it. The white & pink lace mixes shades of "classy" with slight undertones of a fun naughtiness (think sexy hosiery).

There is a confidence that wants to be put on display; a star-quality to it all, as shown with the glitter and the brassy sequins. I'm saying, let's be real… Don't rock "shiny" if you ain't ready to shine. The interesting temperance to that confidence is that the blues show a subtlety and an inviting shyness that draws the viewer closer. Adding a necessary fire to all of that is a passionate berry red, giving this softer-hued collection of colors an energy source that powers it to life.


You ready for the icing? Megan said to give it to you! Yep, take it! (say thank you!) Click any of the images above and download the palette as an EPS file. Use it as a starter kit, play with the tones and shift the shades a bit to make it your own.

My thanks to Megan for the collaboration. I look forward to rocking more mash-ups with her in the future.