Out Here Winning; APL 'Concept 1' "BANNED" Limited-Edition Sneaker

RDQLUS was "for the win" in a hyper limited-edition sneaker give-away from Athletic Propulsion Labs.

Back in the Fall of 2010, a new sneaker was introduced by a small, impressive start-up by the name of Athletic Propulsion Labs—or APL for short. They had one model, and one model only; the enigmatically-named 'Concept 1'. Getting straight to the goods, this shoe was rumored to increase your vertical leap by a substantial amount of inches—a proposition sure to turn playgrounds everywhere into ESPN "Top 10" reels. The shoe went largely unnoticed in mainstream retail circles; partly due to the very scant marketing efforts, but largely due to the $300 pricetag. Enter the basketball government: The NBA.

Through whatever means of secretive testing, the NBA determined that this shoe should be banned and not allowed on their courts. I mean, c'mon… it's not like a bunch of alpha-gene, 7-footers need the help anyway, right? This made the shoe all the rage on blogs and athletic circles, yet still the pricetag put some fans off. The company smartly steered into this, making their stance that every pair was a limited-edition and only the truly special could step up and "jump" in a pair. Enter the magical realm of blogs and the ubiquitous Twitter.

Hearing about a contest while on the internet radio show "Obsessive Sneaker Disorder" (yes, a real snow and yes, I'm all about it!), I dug in and got some details. The sneaker blog TheShoeGame.com was running a promotion for an even more rare pair of the APL flagship shoe to commemorate the now infamous banning of the sneaker. Thanks much, NBA. An item that aroused little suspicion and even less notoriety is now a pop-culture style martyr and gaining a following. Through a series of steps equal to a Nigerian diplomat's spam banking request, I get all set for the contest, not even thinking about the win and even forgetting that I had entered. That is until… WIN! The whole transaction took place over Twitter through a series of rapid-fire direct messages and overnight, a box found its way to my doorstep. Wow. I'm a fan already.

What was inside was an gleaming set of ruby jewels sporting red patent-leather accents, bordered by white piping and almost gaudily flaunting a full length carbon-fiber cross-hatch synthetic fabric. I mean, just look at the pics! Need I say more? If the original release of these kicks had been stealth on the radar, this edition was surfacing of the damn Red October!



Now, I can't say that I would have shelled out the 3-Bills to get a pair all my own, but I'm more than happy to accept them. I've styled in them but I have yet to test the "hops." But rest assured with the god-given ability I already have, I'm already apologetic for the posterization of the innocents that is about to happen at my local gyms if these things actually work.

Shouts out to APL, TheShoeGame.com and Obsessive Sneaker Disorder for the info and ultimately the product.