Jeni Herberger's 'Talk Story Live 3' Promo Flyer


Best friend, client and creative industry icon, Jeni Herberger has grown her conversational 'Talk Story' internet radio show into one of the most listened to creative shows on the web. Following up on that, she took a leap and moved to doing quarterly live version of the show, keeping the same format of having a candid simple conversation with a talented, creatively-minded individual with lots of good stories to be shared. Talk Story Live just wrapped it's no. 2 installment in L.A. last week with riCardo Crespo, of FOX Studios. Up next in the roll-call is the incomparable design force—and my adopted "big brother"—known to most simply as "Pash," who happens to be creative lead of marketing and design at ABC. (Mr. Pashkow would flog me if I freely gave you his full name).

That's where I come in… Jeni, being my client, phoned me up and asked if I would knock out a quick flyer for the event that had a the info for the next TS-Live as well as a little game to introduce riCardo's audience to Pash. What's cool is that they are counterparts of sorts at two of the "big four studios in Hollywood. So I gladly ponied up and used a previously successful piece as the fodder for this new flyer. A smartly branded adaptation kept the look but added some usability tricks and the return vehicle became the audience participation game; a clever way to make an introduction to the next speaker, get the audience involved and gently force the next show information into their hands. ;-)

My thanks to Jessica and Indie Printing in L.A. for handling the tight turn-around and turning out a solid final piece.