RDQLUS Sez: "Earn Your Sleep"

During an impromptu meeting with my design friends at 'EmSpace', we got to talking about our different modes of expending energy within a day. We naturally meandered to the subject of required amounts of sleep—which is a constant discussion in the creative profession and lifestyle. My part is the discussion got a laugh because of my inability to put myself to sleep like a normal person; I can't just "go" to bed. I literally have to "fall" asleep (truly more like "fall over")—purely exhausted only shutting down because the battery meter is blinking wildly and severely in the red. I started to joke that the reason for this was that I had to earn my sleep and if I hadn't hustled hard enough that day, I'd never grow tired. What started as a fun anecdote told in conversation to some friends, had shown itself to have true meaning after giving a bit of thought after the fact.

So knowing me, you already know what happens next… ;-)

Coming [very] Soon to RDQLUS Goods & Cloth.