a RDQLUS Preview; "The 'GO" Limited-Edition Tee

A preview of RDQLUS Goods & Cloth annual commemorative tee for the HOW Design Conference.


Every calls it "Chi-town" of the "CHI" but I'm actually fond of a very subtle reference to the city by it's most famous not-so-subtle son; "We come from 'The 'GO', to the top of the globe!" I personally dig this more active, progressive sounding nickname. I'm a Midwestern kid, born & raised in the O.NE (Omaha). We always looked up to Chicago for the example of a hard-working Middle-American "big city" and the fact that the culture of the "Middie" could be put on display globally. And we for surely adopted the love for much of their sports culture, as well. So to wrap that all up in a tee, in the RDQLUS straight-forward, architectural style was both an honor and a challenge.

Adopting the base colors for the Cubs and the Bears, the design allowed for a dual use. References to the "2nd City's" history are all throughout. Can you spot them all? Give it a go.

"The 'GO" limited-edition tee will go on pre-sale at RDQLUS Goods & Cloth on Monday for a two-week run. After that the only place to find one will be when RDQLUS drops in on "The 'GO" for the HOW Design Live Conference, June 22-27.

Let's 'GO!