RGC x A&A Textiles "Concrete Camo" Bandanna

Special 'zero-edition' collaboration with fresh, new home decor textile boutique, A&A Textiles

Longboard cruising in the hallways of the Mastercraft (Omaha's presumed creative compound), I often poke my head in to say hello to my fellow designers and creative types. So it was nothing to stop in and have a quick meet & greet with the new kids in school; A&A Textiles—namely Alexandra Fredrichs & Amanda Lipman Buchanan. It took literally 5 seconds and these lovely ladies were in full swing—chatty, charming and brimming about being fans of RDQLUS. (if you could actually see me blush, I was doing so)

In the midst of them explaining their business to me, I was immediately drawn to a bolt of fabic sitting on a Victorian sofa awaiting the A&A treatment. They explained that the grafitti-laden fabric was a sample of jersey that they loved but couldn't use it as intended for the sofa project. I half-whispered that I'd love to do something with it and they shoved it into my hands before I could offer any rebuttal. So it was on.

My mind made a quick leap to a desert bandanna to cover the face or protect the neck, and with the grafitti scribbles it spoke to my urban style and my roots growing up as a kid in 'North O'. So as urban areas are often called the "Concrete Jungle," I thought to name this piece "Concrete Camo." I set to work with my personal seamstress (and kid sister) Rochelle White to create a 21" bandanna, with random patterning and deep red edge stitching. It can be worn as a neck, face or head bandanna, as well as a functional & stylish pocket rag. 

This is a zero-edition, meaning that there were very few produced, but if you're lucky and the A&A ladies really dig you, you might be able to score one.