The Kind of Company You Keep!

When your bike does a header from the back of a truck, at 70 mph down the interstate and survives with not so much as a scratch, you literally "ride or die" with that company!

This is my bike; my Iron Horse 'Warrior'. It's so advanced that as an 8-year old bike it still sports innovations that have kept it on par with even the newest of cycling technology and offerings. A tried & true, two-wheeled terror that has squired me in and about the roughest terrain, and survived thru the hardest of crashes… or so I thought.

Yesterday, I witnessed something that I have never seen in my life. Packed and stacked, my crew E., "Crazy Mike" and I were on the road to do a 20-mile jaunt up the Wabash Trace—affectionately called the "Taco Ride", because of the 10-mile point turn-around destination being a small bar in Mineola IA where tacos & brews are the refueling of the moment. 10 minutes into the trip, I hear my good friend (and creative counterpart) Eric D. say, "Oh sh*t! Your bike just came off!" Off the rack, completely, he meant. On Interstate-80. At 7pm. Dinner rush-hour. Wow. I turn just in time to see my bike hit the pavement of a major US interstate at 70mph. I find myself cringing even now.

"Crazy Mike" was in disbelief the whole time, I-80 was the scene of the debauchery,and Eric was glad he didn't have to spring for a new bike… but I made hime buy tacos! Word!

We scramble to get on the shoulder and make our way back to the bike, which we are sure is about to be scrap metal in the front of someone's grill, if not already completely owned by the shear force of impact and unfriendly high-speed roadway asphalt. Eric darts into traffic like a super hero with his hand out like the "Man of Steel" during crossing-guard duty at the local grade school. He rolls the bike to the shoulder, all of us expecting the worst. But the worst was not to be found. Dumbfounded and thinking the trip was over before it started, we all stared at the bike for obvious signs of carnage—none to be seen, save for a slightly bent rim and a spot of balled tread showing evidence of a 70 mph landing. (I'm still like "WOW!")

So we re-pack, re-stack and make our way to the parking and start location for the ride. Being a former bike mechanic, I knew how to get the spokes to correct the slightly bent rim. I test the gears, brakes, dérailleur, and all checked out. I lead the pack on the 20-miler as if nothing happened.

I wish I could show you pictures of a spectacularly mangled bike and tell you of how I'm heading to get a new pedal "whip," but there's no evidence! It's safe to say that if that couldn't end this bike, I'm never getting rid of this bike. It's like riding a real live miracle now! So… This is my bike; my Iron Horse 'Warrior', and it's survived the hardest of crashes, now guaranteed! Iron Horse; you can trust, I'm "ride or die" on your bike and on you as a company. Tested and damn sure approved!