RGC x Mission Workshop (Preview)

A sneak-peek at the RDQLUS Goods & Cloth x Mission Workshop "zero-edition" 'Shed' & 'Rummy' messenger bags.

By now you know I'm a big 'Mission Workshop' deputy. Hand-made carrying devices that facilitate my "smart kids on the run" style through the concrete jungles I love to find myself in. My indestructible MW 'Shed' bag has made my mobile-officing not only possible, but easy and stylish by literally allowing me to nimbly carry my entire stash of creative biz essentials on my back. As if that weren't enough, my favorite part about Mission Workshop is the people. Helpful, chill, real people who want their customers to have the best, in the best way possible. Well, if I was an 'MW' deputy status previously, now I'm packing a burner.

By the good graces of the amazing heads over at MW HQ, RDQLUS Goods & Cloth is set to release special "zero-edition" 'Shed' & 'Rummy' roll-top messengers. The bags bare the RGC "Art & Honor" crest on the front flap, and the RGC "Hvy Crwn" logo is revealed on the external pocket flap when the roll-top is in effect. Each bag will be "ghosted" with hand-painted, textured, clear varnish that plays in the light, revealing the RGC logos. The bags will be available in a couple weeks at RDQLUS Goods & Cloth. Stay posted for more images and updates.

My sincere thanks to the crew at Mission Workshop. I'm a supporter and patron of their brand, but I'm humbled & thankful for their willingness to work with me on getting this project off the ground. If you don't rock with the MW, you betta' ask somebody!